Car Insurance Quotes Depending on One’s Age

Teenager Car Insurance

Teens get into more collisions than any other age group. The odds of a teen getting into at least one fender-bender or bumper-buster are so high that once a teen does have their first collision, rates tend to not go up.
The average car insurance rate for people aged 16-19 years is approximately $3,000.
Save a lot of money in teenage car insurance by adding the teen to a parent’s policy.

Car Insurance for Adults

Ages 20 to 25
Teens are the only age group that tends to pay more for car insurance than the under-25s.

The average car insurance rate for people aged 20-25 years is approximately $2,000.

20-25 year-olds can also save some money by being on a parent’s account.

You might pay a whole $500 less for car insurance than someone who has been in at least one collision and is exactly your same age.

Ages 25 to 29
If you were in a collision when you were a teen and are wondering when the effects of that on your premium will run out, twenty-five-years-old is about the time that it really stops making a different, provided you haven’t been at-fault in a collision since.

Gender also stops making a big difference here.

Car insurance would probably be less if you could stay on a parent’s policy, but most people aged twenty-five to twenty-nine are on their own policy.

The average car insurance rate for people aged 25-29 years is approximately $1,700.

Ages 30 to 39
There’s one good thing about turning thirty: you save an extra $100 on car insurance, as long as you haven’t had a collision in a couple years.

At this point, it is smart to start checking car insurance rates using car insurance quotes every year or so, because prices could change significantly for you.

The average car insurance rate for people aged 30-39 years is approximately $1,600.

Ages 40 to 49
Ready for prices to start dropping every five years? I’ll bet you are. That’s probably the best part of turning forty.
The average car insurance rates for people aged 40-45 is approximately $1,500.

Ages 50 to 59
This is probably the biggest age reduction for most people: $1,220.

Ages 60 to 64
If you have a pretty clean record, sixty to sixty-four might be the lowest you’ll ever see your car insurance rate: $1,170.

Ages 65 and Up
For the rest of your driving days, hope to pay $1,200.